I make music because it helps me to process difficult and complex ideas, in a way that others also understand and can relate to. There’s a catharsis that happens when I see my understanding reflected back in another person when they hear one of my songs, that gives us both some comfort. It also helps me to lift up the beauty I see in this world, and has become a lens for seeing and understanding the world and my feelings. It generally all comes down to love, that I have and find when birthing a song, and that is reflected back when I share these songs with you.

"Patreon allows musicians to release new music directly to supporters who pledge a few dollars each month. I've enjoyed being a Patreon supporter of my friends Ordinary Elephant, Jesse Spradlin, and Jana Pochop. This past year, I took the plunge and started my own Patreon page. Here on my Patreon page, I’ll be sharing new and unreleased music, in videos and free downloads. I’ll also be posting recipes, cooking-related videos, and articles about the outdoors. Thank you so much for your support, and for helping me continue to make music"

“ Perhaps Stefan’s greatest strength is his Prine - like ability to transport the listener to the bottom without transforming himself or the list ener into a victim. ” - Americana Highways

“ gritty, raw and uncompromising ” - Listening Through The Lens

“ River/Blood is THE album you will remember for a lifetime. ” - Kelly’s Country

“ Stefan Prigmore sounds like Jon Dee Graham ate John Prine for lunch. The end re sult feels like hanging out in yourfavorite bar, drinking a cold brew, watching the darkenedstage and hanging on to each syllable of the song for twistsand turns you can’t imagine coming...because you can’t. ” - Sara Hickman

“ The words that often matter most are those that are able to elucidate that the doubt, the incertitude itself is the road upon which real faith travels. It’s not often easy but Stefan Prigmore’s song, “Taming Monsters” suggests his shoulders fit the yoke. His words, availed gently by the m usic that accompanies them, subtly reveals that resignation of resolve may forever be chaperone to resolution itself. ” - Brent Best

“Prigmore started out doing live music as a lark, then as a way to make a living, and now it’s a compulsion. You can feel it in every note, in the expressive guitar and powerful, gritty vocals. You can’t fake this kind of thing.” - Steve Watkins, Fort Worth Star-Telegram (Jul 07, 2015)

“Hillbilly folk? I don't know, or really care, but it's honest and gritty and shockingly musical - the opposite of the put-on nasal Roots/Americana/Country that I tend to walk out on.” - Steve Watkins, Fort Worth Star Telegram (Aug 20, 2012)


Wild Hog Rub

(1 package seasons 6-10lbs of meat)

Directions For Use:
Apply "Stefan's Best Wild Hog Rub!" liberally to pork, squirrel, rabbit, or poultry. 
Massage seasoning well into meat and grill or smoke until done, serve with cold beer!