“Prigmore started out doing live music as a lark, then as a way to make a living, and now it’s a compulsion. You can feel it in every note, in the expressive guitar and powerful, gritty vocals. You can’t fake this kind of thing.” - Steve Watkins, Fort Worth Star-Telegram (Jul 07, 2015)

“Stefan Prigmore is an exceptional artist with a long and winding musical past. He is gentle, honest and self-depreciating to a fault which means he’s probably underestimated before he strums a chord. But then Stefan sings those songs...” - John Erwin, Bandstalkerfw (Jan 07, 2016)

“He's a real songwriter's songwriter. He has a passion for crafting a good song, and he really pours his heart into the songs he writes." - Matt Stroud, Asa's Records (Feb 15, 2016)

“His musical style is forward and honest. There are no unnecessary bells or whistles. Not surprisingly, his work ethic is the same.” - Brittany M. Ortega, A Work In Progress (Mar 25, 2015)

“Hillbilly folk? I don't know, or really care, but it's honest and gritty and shockingly musical - the opposite of the put-on nasal Roots/Americana/Country that I tend to walk out on.” - Steve Watkins, Fort Worth Star Telegram (Aug 20, 2012)